Hot Rolled

Last updated on July 15th, 2019                                                                          

    Thickness       1.2mm – 25.4mm
    Width              1000mm – 2150mm
    Coil Weight    ≤ 35 mt

HR Sheet:                                                                                                          
    Thickness            2.0mm – 12.0mm
    Width                   1000mm – 1600mm
    Length                 ≤ 6000mm
    Bondle Weight   ≤ 5mt

Diving Coil w/o Checkered Coil:                                                                    
    Thickness        ≤12.0mm

Checkered Coil:                                                                                               
    Thickness         2.0mm – 8.0mm


Hot Rolled Checkered Plate is mainly used for walkway, walk bridge of

   various automobile, ship, large equipment, engineering machines.

Hot Rolled Structural Steel is used for the making of structural parts and

   welding parts on the equipment of mechanic making, transportation

   vehicles, chemical industry equipment, drive casing pipe, middle pressure

   welding pipe, engineering structure and light industrial civil machines, etc.

       Also used for the parts of cold drawing and structural parts on the

   automobile, tractor, motorcycle and middle, small scale light industrial   

   trial civil machines.

       Also used for the common structural parts and parts for drawing on parts

   for engineering machines, transportation vehicles, construction machines,

   lifting machines, agricultural machines and light industrial civil machines, 


       SM490A is used to make column, door plate and top plate of container,


Hot Rolled High Strength Steel is used for manufacture structure parts for

   engineering machinery such as crane digging machine, etc.

Chain / Bundle Steel is used for common bicycle chains, racer chains,

   motorcycle chains and various industrial chains.

Hull Structural Steel is used for the upper building, and the hull of the

   inner river ship.

Bridge Steel